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There is a lot of information on this page, and all of it is useful and interesting. However, we know that your time is valuable. We encourage you to keep reading beyond this section, but if you don't, here are the highlights of who we are and what we do:

  • DealerGenius.com is a Dealer-to-Dealer Aged Inventory Marketplace for both New and Used Vehicles.
  • Buy Vehicles - You can browse over 70,000 vehicles from nearly 1,200 dealers nationwide to re-stock quickly and inexpensively with the vehicles you know you can sell.
  • Sell Vehicles - You can list your Aged Inventory for wholesale to our network of nearly 1,200 dealers.
  • You Control How and When Vehicles are Listed - Vehicle data is pulled directly from your DMS or entered manually, and is listed in the network based on the price and aging settings that you configure.
  • Save Money by Avoiding Auctions and Brokers - The average dealer loses $400 per vehicle that has to go to auction or broker. Auctions are time- and cost-intensive and Brokers have limited reach. For a fraction of the cost of selling 1 vehicle via auction or broker, you can list your entire aged inventory and browse over 70,000 vehicles listed by other dealers. If you can avoid taking just 1 vehicle per quarter to auction, DealerGenius pays for itself.
  • Get Great Deals and Sell Vehicles Faster - Because selling dealers don't have to recoup the high costs of Auctions and Brokers, wholesale prices on DealerGenius.com can be even lower than at auction, providing amazing deals to Buyers and faster sales to Sellers.
  • No More Phone Calls and Faxes - Contact between dealers is email-based, making communication quicker and easier while allowing you to browse or list vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • DealerGenius.com combines the best features of an Auction, Broker, Vehicle Locator Service and Dealer Trade Network for a fraction of the cost of any one of those services.

About DealerGenius.com

DealerGenius.com connects new and used vehicle dealers who wish to sell their aged car, truck and SUV inventory to new and used vehicle dealers who wish to purchase additional inventory.

Customer demand is not constant in varying markets.  In fact, some $180 billion of U.S. new vehicle inventory sitting on dealership lots right now is in greater demand at another dealer.  The mismatch between the supply and demand of new vehicles means that a unit that could sell at one location in 15 days may sit for 180 days on another lot.  This inefficiency is a significant contributing factor to the high operating costs and low profit margins that currently plague our industry.  DealerGenius.com has created our Dealer-to-Dealer New and Used Online Vehicle Marketplace to specifically address this issue.  We allow dealers to list their aged inventory through a simple-to-use system that makes it available to every other dealer in the nation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You tell us which makes and models you want to buy and sell.  If you are selling vehicles, you can upload your inventory either by VIN or via a direct connection to your DMS.  You can then access your 'Buying' or 'Selling' page to be matched with Dealers Selling what you want to Buy, and Buying what you want to Sell. It's that easy! You will be notified via e-mail when new dealers join who match your Buying and Selling preferences, and you can search your results and browse the vehicle database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We provide quick and easy tools to help you communicate with and complete deals and trades with Dealers all over the country.   Both the buying and selling dealers make more efficient use of their inventory and active assets, and put themselves in a better position to immediately meet their customers' demands.  Buyers maintain a strong inventory of vehicles that their customers want, and are freed from the need to purchase vehicles from the OEMs they don't want or can't sell to get allocations of vehicles they can.  Sellers lower costs and increase profits by moving units that are a financial drag and by freeing space in their floor plans for vehicles that their customers want.  Both the buying and selling dealers save thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours by no longer relying on costly Auctions and Brokers. DealerGenius.com can also provide quick and affordable transportation to facilitate the delivery of vehicles purchased.

Think of that 60+ day new or used car unit on your lot right now, the one on which you can't possibly turn a profit…that’s a perfect vehicle to sell to another dealer.  DealerGenius.com provides the network of dealers who want to buy your inventory. No more guesswork, brokers or auctions…you will have a nationwide network of dealers browsing your aged inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DealerGenius.com is an easy-to-use and efficient solution to two of the main problems every dealer faces:

1) The need to Sell Aged Inventory – particularly aged inventory over 45 days old.
2) The need to Buy Inventory – to manage the highs and lows of ready to sell inventory on the ground and to meet the demands of your customers.

DealerGenius.com is essentially a matchmaking service working with the community of dealer professionals to solve aged inventory problems by connecting supply (dealers with aged inventory) to demand (dealers who need vehicle inventory). It seems like a mouthful, but it's that simple.

DealerGenius.com also works to provide additional resources for Auto Industry Professionals. In addition to our unique Inventory system, DealerGenius.com also provides:

  • Comprehensive Dealership Supplier Directory - Find reliable vendors for services ranging from websites and marketing to point of purchase sales and hardware supply.
  • Dealer Consulting and Internet Training - Our consulting professionals can help you manage your internet department and sales staff more effectively.  Make better use of your budget and increase show rates and closing ratios.
  • Vehicle Shipping Services - Let our staff do the work to find you the best deals for you to ship your vehicle purchases anywhere in the country.  Vehicles can often be shipped within 24 hours of purchase, whether its a truckload or just a  a single unit.

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DealerGenius.com F.A.Q.

Is DealerGenius.com a Vehicle Locator Service, a Dealer Trade Network, a Vehicle Broker, or what?
We consider ourselves a hybrid of a Locator Service and Dealer Trade Network.  DealerGenius.com combines the best aspects of a Dealer Trade Network, Vehicle Locator Service, Broker and Auction for far less than the cost of any one of those services. Dealers can actively search the network for vehicles that match the needs of a customer currently in their showroom, similar to using a locator service or dealer trade network.  What makes us different is that dealers can also plan ahead, and fill their showrooms with vehicles they know their local customers have a history of purchasing.  And they can do so inexpensively, by browsing lists of vehicles other dealers need to offload as soon as possible.  Dealers can also make room in their floorplans by getting rid of cars, trucks and SUVs that have aged to the point of  being unprofitable. Like an Auction, you can browse vehicles and make offers, but you save on the time, cost and hassle of getting your vehicles and personnel to and from a physical location.  DealerGenius.com is a single marketplace where dealers can both buy and sell vehicles, shaping their inventory to perfectly match the demands of their customers.

It is important to note that, although we do provide the same benefit as a conduit to buy and sell vehicles with other dealers, we are NOT a Broker at all.  DealerGenius.com does not buy or sell vehicles itself, nor do we broker deals between dealers.  We are a essentially a matchmaking service that connects the supply and demand of aged inventory. All deals are completed directly between the buying and selling dealers.

How does it work?
While some dealers have aged inventory that is burning a hole in their floorplan, other Dealers across the country need to re-stock on vehicles quickly and inexpensively. We connect this supply and demand in one, easy-to-use resource.

If you have 30, 45, 60, 90+ day old vehicles that are costing you more than you can gain in a sale, why not make those vehicles available to dealers across the nation who can move them to buying customers?  You gain extra exposure for your 'dead wood' vehicles, and save the money and effort involved with Auctions and Brokers.

There’s never been an easier way of finding out who needs your aged inventory.  And it doesn’t just have to be aged vehicles…what if you have too many vehicles on the lot? You can list those vehicles as well and unload costly overstock, while enabling another dealer to better meet the needs of their customers. You avoid costly finance charges, Broker fess, the hassle of a physical auction, and can even save hundreds on vehicle shipping by using our DealerGenius.com vehicle transport service – everything is in the same place – convenient and cost effective.

DealerGenius.com helps the nationwide community of Auto Dealers make more efficient use of their inventory and operating capital, and greatly reduces the costs involved with making Dealer Trades.

How do I buy vehicles?
All you need to do is register for an account and you are off and running – ready to buy or sell new and used vehicle inventory. Browse the Inventory listings of hundreds of dealers from across the nation to find the vehicles your customers want, at or below invoice price. You can even make offers at less than the asking price, subject to the approval of the selling dealer. Think of it at as your Virtual Floorplan (access to thousands of vehicles you wouldn’t previously have known about), allowing you to stay one step ahead of customer demands. Vehicles can be quickly and inexpensively delivered, often within 24 hours, providing you with a source of ‘Agile Inventory’ from across the country…your own stock of free, flexible inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I sell vehicles?
First, create an account. Once you have your account, there are 2 ways of listing your inventory, Manually and Automatically. Manual listings allow you to enter each vehicle you want to list by VIN number. You set the pricing and vehicle information through our easy-to-use interface. This method is ideal if you are listing only a few vehicles at a time. If you don’t want to manually enter each vehicle, or you are listing more than 5-10 vehicles at a time, DealerGenius.com can interface directly with your DMS* to pull vehicle data into our inventory listings. You simply configure options for how long a vehicle will be in your inventory before it is activated and listed in our system, how long you want the listing to appear, pricing and payment preferences. You can even set different options for each make/model you are listing. It is quick and easy to list your aged inventory on DealerGenius.com.

* Some nominal setup and/or maintenance fees may apply

What are the costs?
DealerGenius.com combines the best aspects of a Dealer Trade Network, Vehicle Locator Service, Broker and Auction for far less than the cost of any one of those services.  You pay a flat monthly fee of $199.99 for unlimited use of the entire system.  You can buy and/or sell as many vehicles as you wish without worrying about additional hidden fees or charges.  You will be able to market your Aged Inventory to hundreds of dealers across the nation who want to buy what you are selling, and you can choose from thousands of vehicles listed by dealers who want to sell what you are buying.  There has never been an easier or less expensive way to manage your inventory of aged new and used vehicles.

DealerGenius.com is a new, innovative marketing channel for your inventory. Compared to the costs and hassles of typical inventory channels like Brokers or Auctions, you can save thousands of dollars every month. :  Brokers charge hundreds of dollars per vehicle and have a limited number of dealers with whom they work.  Physical Auctions are time and cost intensive.  In addition to the hassle of moving vehicles to and from Auctions, the costs involved can climb to hundreds of dollars per vehicle.  For about the cost of buying or selling just 1 vehicle via Broker or Auction, you can list your entire Aged Inventory to hundreds of interested dealers and browse and buy from a database of thousands of vehicles.

Hundreds of dealers are already making their Aged Inventory management much more time and cost efficient with DealerGenius.com, so the real question is:  What are you waiting for? Just click here to sign up.

What about Transportation and Delivery costs?
DealerGenius.com can help provide quick and inexpensive shipping to and from any location in the country, whether it is one vehicle or a full truckload. Simply fill out the shipping form linked from the ‘Buy Confirmation’ page or contact DealerGenius.com via telephone or e-mail once you have completed a purchase. Vehicles can often be delivered within 24 hours of pickup to anywhere in the nation, fully insured at a fraction of normal transportation costs.